Why it’s a Good Idea for an Annual Policy Review

September 8th, 2017

Why it’s a Good Idea for an Annual Insurance Policy Review There are many reasons while its a good idea for an annual insurance policy review when it comes to your Bergen County insurance policies. Let’s face it, elements of your life are constantly changing.  When you don’t review your insurance policies on a yearly basis there can be gaps in coverage.   Changes that occur in your life could include a new vehicle, the purchase of art, or perhaps the acquisition of new equipment for your business. This is why Bogle Agency Insurance, the go-to source for insurance in New…Read More

Bogle Agency Insurance Has Been Selected as a Best Practices Agency For the 14th Consecutive Year!

August 17th, 2017

Bogle Agency Insurance Included In IIABA Best Practices Study Lyndhurst, NJ, August 17, 2017 – Bogle Agency Insurance retains its IIABA Best Practices status, once again becoming a part of an elite group of independent insurance agencies around the United States. This status comes by participating in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA or the Big “I”) Best Practices Study group. The annual survey and Study of leading independent insurance agencies documents the business practices of the “best” agencies and urges others to adopt similar practices. Since 1993, IIABA and Reagan Consulting, an Atlanta-based management consulting firm,…Read More

Life & Health

August 9th, 2017

Life Insurance, Health Insurance Bogle Agency Insurance, your guide to insurance in Bergen County NJ Life insurance and health insurance are two important policies for individuals and families to carry. Bogle Agency Insurance now has a complete life insurance and health insurance department. Since insurance is always evolving, having someone on your side who is up to speed on changes in the industry is essential. Because every plan is slightly different, It is very important to shop around for policies. The Bergen County insurance agents at Bogle Agency Insurance can ensure that your policy is the…Read More

Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover A Fallen Tree?

July 28th, 2017

NJ Homeowners Insurance Coverage | Bergen County NJ Will your homeowners insurance cover a fallen tree? It is a common question when it comes to NJ Homeowners Insurance Coverage. As homeowners, we all deal with the intricacies of  homeowners insurance.  Most of us never think about whether we will actually use our NJ Homeowners Insurance Coverage, never mind thinking about what specific incidents are covered. Then one day you need it and you have no idea what is covered. So, what about that fallen tree? Trees fall and when they fall they may land on something valuable like a car, your…Read More

Life Insurance Premiums

July 19th, 2017

Factors that Affect Life Insurance Premiums Bogle Agency Insurance, answering all of your questions about life insurance Factors that affect life insurance premiums include health and habits. Some factors may only increase your premiums slightly, but others can create a big difference. Anything viewed as a risk to your health and lifespan will affect the cost of your insurance policy. If you are worried about your eligibility or the cost of an insurance policy take the time to sit down with your NJ insurance agent. Your agent will be able to explain the differences between policies…Read More

Bergen County Motorcycle Insurance

June 19th, 2017

Bergen County Motorcycle Insurance | Bogle Agency Insurance Your Bergen County motorcycle insurance policy can be standard or completely customized.  Individual motorcycle insurance policies can  be customized to suit your needs.  Many factors come into play with motorcycle insurance and whether you are going for a standard policy or a customized package there are incentives in place for a lower rate.  For example, insurance costs can be lowered if you take a safety course.  In addition multiple vehicles can be placed on the same policy, offering a lower price than individual policies.  Sitting down with your Lyndhurst NJ insurance agent…Read More

Bergen County Insurance, Coverage for Roofing Contractors

June 13th, 2017

Bergen County Insurance, Coverage for Roofing Contractors Bogle Agency Insurance, Bergen County insurance coverage for home & business Bergen County Insurance exists to cover individuals and businesses when casualties and unforeseen events occur. Roofing contractors are a prime example of a company benefiting from insurance. Roofing companies need quality coverage.  This protects liability with a product once installed, as well as any associated damage or defects. Having the right coverage is imperative.  Your NJ insurance agent will help you make sure your policy is comprehensive. Roofing contractors in Bergen County can rest easy knowing their needs…Read More

NJ Insurance, Hurricane Coverage and Claims

June 6th, 2017

NJ Insurance, Hurricane Coverage and Claims Bogle Agency Insurance, NJ insurance experts NJ insurance concerns often relate to hurricane coverage and claims. A hurricane is a weather event that none of us have control over. While many come and go leaving little more than a few branches in the yard and puddles in the driveway others can leave fallen trees and flooding in the basement. Regardless of what may or may not occur it is important to sit down with your Bergen County insurance agent to make sure you have the hurricane coverage you need. A…Read More

New Jersey Insurance Plans, High or Low Deductible

May 23rd, 2017

New Jersey Insurance Plans – High or Low Deductible? Bogle Agency Insurance, Bergen County New Jersey Insurance Plans experts An examination of New Jersey insurance plans may have you wondering whether to go with a high or a low deductible. This is a good question to ask yourself and your insurance agent when purchasing a plan.Customers should always weigh out the pros and cons of a high deductible vs. a low deductible carefully before signing up for a Bergen County NJ insurance policy. A major benefit of a high deductible is the lower premium. This is…Read More

New Jersey Homeowners Insurance, Named Perils

April 25th, 2017

Homeowners Insurance Bergen County | Named Perils Bogle Insurance Agency, your choice for homeowners insurance Knowing what the named perils are is an important part of understanding your New Jersey homeowners insurance. Peril is the name given by insurance companies to represent what is covered in a policy. Named perils is a term given to issues covered by a policy. This is important to recognize as many homeowners purchase additional policies to cover those perils not included in the standard policy. Your Bergen County insurance agent will walk you through what is included on your policy…Read More

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